Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Isla Isabela beach shots

Lava Lizard

By far the largest marine iguanas we encountered were on Isabela, which is logical as it is the largest of the Islands. Isabela is one of the populated islands which we visited by water taxi, though most of the northern end is uninhabited and closed to visitors.

The next generation


This Great Egret allowed Laura to get so close that Josh, who thought he was on his way to lunch, had to wait patiently for the 40 minute photo-shoot. Below are excerpts from Laura's Great Egret coffee table book to be published at some future date.

Why was the Great Egret allowing Laura to get so close? Because he was hunting for baby marine iguanas of course. However, after an unsuccessful session he had to settle on a stick, before flying off in frustration.

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P and P said...

Laura, I never could figure out 'depth of field'. Now that I've seen your Great Egret collection I want you to give me a lesson ok? Lets find some wallabies in Tassie to practice on! P