Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bird Reflections - Isla Isabela

Black-necked stilt

-Hey Jorge, what's a good motto for our scuba and artisanal fishing shop in the Galapagos national marine reserve?
-Oh, I don't know, how about "...and let [man have] dominion over the fish of the sea"


By the time our stomachs decided to allow us venture out on our dayhike to the wall of tears it was admittedly too late, however it was our last night and one of the last attractions to see around Villamil. The wall of tears was built by accused criminals of Ecuador between 1946 and 1959 when Isabela was used as a penal colony. The wall serves no particular purpose and never did other than to keep prisoners occupied with back breaking work. With little consideration given to asthetic architecture, the wall isn't much to look at (not that our photo does it any favours), however the volcanic rock which has been stacked to an impresive 7 metres high and 100 metres long offers an interesting glimpse into some of the island's cultural history. Also the walk between the beach and a series of lagoons was beautiful.

On our last night on Isabela, Laura ate the most delicious piece of fish ever.

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