Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day-trip to Seymour Norte

The only time male frigate birds puff up their chests is when they are mating and the only place frigate birds currently mate in the Galapagos is on Seymour Norte. Because we could not budget staying aboard our cruise for the full 8 days we missed this island but figured we could take a day trip which we were assured wouldn't be too much. However when we went to investigate tour prices they were in fact too much, so we made the decision that it would have to be something we would miss. On our stop-over to Santa Cruz after our visit to Isabela we were out buying groceries for dinner and decided to ask for prices one more time. It was right before closing time and the travel agency had a vessel with only 2 seats left onboard leaving the next morning. After a bit of negotiating the travel agent was able to lower the price enough for us to go for it. Hey, it would never be cheaper for us to get there.

Laura tries her best to hold back the excitement of seeing families of Frigate birds and Blue footed boobies.

We spent half the day at Seymour Norte, then the other half back at Bachas Beach on Santa Cruz.

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