Friday, October 31, 2008

The Copper Canyon

From the Topolobampo ferry port we took a bus into Los Mochis, which seemed pretty seedy, so we figured we had better not linger. We stayed in a disgusting and very overpriced hotel/hostel for about 4 hours before heading to the train station to take the CHP train through the Copper Canyon.

Wikipedia Copper Canyon

This was our best experience so far. Even though we took the second-class train, it was air-conditioned and very comfortable and the scenery was amazing. We travelled all the way to Creel, which took from dawn until just after dusk.


With our English-speaking friend, Jose, who was from Creel.

Relaxing on a comfortable bed at the hostel in Creel and eating dinner from the only place open in town after a long day on the train.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ferry ride to Topolobampo

We left La Paz on October 24th on the ferry bound for Topolobampo. Loading this ferry seems to be quite the ordeal. We were told to be there 3 hours ahead of the departure time in order to go through security (there was more security here than to cross the border into Mexico--X-ray scanners for our bags and metal detectors). Upon our arrival we had to wait another 40 minutes to collect our bags (which were inside a fenced off area surrounded by armed guards and drug-sniffing dogs). The ship, which is about 2/3 the size of the Queen of Saanich (but with less car capacity) leaves daily at 3:30pm, but it seems to take them the entire morning to load the cars/trucks, most of which were backed on. It sounds like the ferry privatized a few years ago, and unfortunately for us this has driven the price WAY up. Our guidebook, which is 4 years old, says the price for a foot passenger was US$23 including a meal. When we bought the tickets the price turned out to now be $75 (no meal)! This is the price of a return ticket as well...they have no option for a one-way ticket. At least we didn't have to take a car on, because those prices start at $150 in addition to the cost per person.
The crossing takes 6 hours, and with about an hour to go we were outside looking at the stars and noticed a small boat powering over right towards the stern of the ferry. It pulled up alongside and a man wearing khakis and a golf shirt and no life jacket hopped off the little boat and climbed up a ladder onto the ferry. As the boat pulled away we saw "Piloto" printed on the side. It seems that there are a lot of big rocks to avoid when pulling in to Topolobampo.

There's a bar right in the middle of the ship, as well as really horrible Spanish subtitled movies on satellite-TV if you grow tired of the scenery outside.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

La Paz, Mexico

We arrived in La Paz after our very very long bus ride down the Baja. We stayed for two nights, but didn't really do much other than eat and do laundry and wander around the town a lot. We also almost got locked out of our hostel on the first night, which would have been sad since we had been sleeping on floors and bus/train seats for most of the trip so far.

The Pension California

The fish tacos in La Paz were excellent! We seem to be alternating between eating really good meals and eating gross packaged food on buses and from convenience stores when we arrive in places really late at night.

A whole bunch of highschool students came and interviewed us to practice their English while we were sitting by the beach.


The Boudin Bread Factory in San Francisco

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on our bicycle built for two (sorry it's so long...)

On the Cable Car in San Francisco

From the D200

More from San Francisco and San Diego, from the other camera.

San Francisco

Window washers

Sea Lions at Pier 39

View from Coit Tower

Passion Flower

Josh inside Coit Tower

Balboa Park