Sunday, November 2, 2008


The Casa Margarita and neighbouring church


inside the hostel


Josh seems to be having trouble with a lot of doorways here.


Jesus walking on balloons

We rented bikes to cycle around the "Valley of the Mushrooms" and "Valley of the Monks"

Valley of the Mushrooms

Valley of the Monks

a Tarahumara girl selling bracelets, belts, and tiny dolls

Our cycling party

Polo and Miranda

We had seen an ad for tours to the "tallest single stream waterfall in North America" in our hostel, and though it looked pretty far away on the little bike map we were given, we decided we had enough daylight left to get there. It turned out to be very far away indeed (a lot of up and down hills...mostly down...not so promising for the ride back). We also managed to somehow lose Polo and Miranda along the way, and thought maybe they had turned back towards the town, since it was getting late. We finally made it to the entrance gate to the waterfall, only to be greeted by a further 3km that had to be hiked on foot. And here is North America's tallest single stream waterfall:

Unfortunately, North America's tallest waterfall was not what we had cycled to...

Here is the waterfall we found:

We were then worried that we were going to be stuck riding our bikes back a very long way in the dark, but luckily Miranda and Polo showed up (after having taken a much longer route to the waterfall) and had already negotiated with a Tarahumara man to drive us back into Creel!

They were not so impressed by the waterfall either...

And this is how to fit 6 bikes into the back of a Ford van (plus the five of us, and the man and his wife, and a couple of coolers, a loom, five boxes of handmade bracelets and dolls....).

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