Saturday, November 8, 2008

Zacatecas Day 3, Las Ruinas

On this day we made a one hour bus ride and half hour trek out to "The Ruins," as it was known in town, also called La Quemada.

Josh unsuccessfully trying to hitchhike. 100% of the cars drove right past...but there was only one car going in our direction. It gave us a very wide berth.


These plants smelled really good. Not sure what they are.

Unfortunately we "lost" a whole memory card full of photos and videos from the little point-and-shoot camera. The card just suddenly decided to stop working and is saying it needs to be reformated every time we turn it on or plug it into a computer. So we lost quite a few photos and videos from the rest of our stay in Zacatecas, as well as from Day of the Dead in Guanajuato. Hopefully we will be able to recover it at some point, but for now at least we still have photos from the D200 (and lots of them).

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Marianne said...

Well hopefully I have figured this thing out. This is a really great idea you guys have. Love the map too. Watch out for the scorpions in all of those rocks you are hanging out around. They love to sun themselves and bite people who lean on them. Ouch!! Have fun. Marianne