Thursday, November 13, 2008

Last Day in Zacatecas

We left Zacatecas on Halloween Day, which is not so important as a holiday in its own right here, but as a part of the larger and more important celebration of Day(s) of the Dead (Nov. 1 and 2). Kids sort of trick or treat, but we saw them out and in costumes on the 31st, 1st, and a few die-hards on the 2nd. Unfortunately we spent Halloween night on a bus, with a frustrating stop-over right at dinner-time.
These are the pictures from Halloween morning before we left Zacatecas. We lost all our aqueduct pictures with the rest of the photos on the little camera (as described in last post). :(

Parade of costumed schoolkids

Storytime at a public square, in front of an elaborate Day of the Dead altar. It sounded like the teacher was telling a moderately scary story, but for all we know it was a happy story.

the altar

a Day of the Dead (mock) sugar skull

A typical Zacatecas hillside

The Museo Rafael Coronel

There were lots of cats living in the museum courtyards.

The museum of masks

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