Friday, October 31, 2008

The Copper Canyon

From the Topolobampo ferry port we took a bus into Los Mochis, which seemed pretty seedy, so we figured we had better not linger. We stayed in a disgusting and very overpriced hotel/hostel for about 4 hours before heading to the train station to take the CHP train through the Copper Canyon.

Wikipedia Copper Canyon

This was our best experience so far. Even though we took the second-class train, it was air-conditioned and very comfortable and the scenery was amazing. We travelled all the way to Creel, which took from dawn until just after dusk.


With our English-speaking friend, Jose, who was from Creel.

Relaxing on a comfortable bed at the hostel in Creel and eating dinner from the only place open in town after a long day on the train.

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shelleyb said...

Thanks you two, I don't need to take holidays now. All I can say is BEAUTIOUS. Stay safe, stay well.
Cheers Shelley B watch Nu bee.