Monday, May 17, 2010

All aboard the Cruiiiiiiiiise!

Back in September, about a week after we had booked a flight out of South America, Laura's family invited us to join them on a cruise around Cape Horn. While cruise ship travel had never really crossed our minds, the chance to unite with Laura's family for our final few weeks on the continent provided the opportunity of a lifetime.

What a change this luxurious ship was from the budget hostels, hammocks and floors to which we had become accustomed. That and the food...the glorious, endless supply of Western delicacies. Don't get us wrong, we love trying local dishes and believe eating new things is one of the most exciting parts of travel, but to keep within our tight budget, we ate a rather monotonous diet of rice, beans and stale bread on our trip. Of course there were occasional delicious exceptions to our rice and beans: tucuma and other fruits in the Amazon region of Brazil, ceviche in Peru, and Argentina had amazing food and wine in general. But the eclectic selection of expertly prepared food offered on board the ship overwhelmed our taste-buds and surpassed our expectations of just how good food could taste.

On board our new luxury digs:

View of Valparaiso from the departing ship

Laura is reunited with her best photo-taking buddy,

and the family!

Chile, November 22-23, 2009

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Penny said...

Pretty posh, Josh! I'm sure this taste of luxury came at a very opportune time. And what a wonderful time to share with Laura's family. Can't wait to see the rest.