Thursday, October 8, 2009

Galapagos, Day 1 (of 30)

Joking, there will not be 30 Galapagos posts. However, by the time we have selected from the nearly 10 000 Galapagos photos we took in this extremely photogenic place, there are bound to be several. We will try to restrain ourselves.

After flying into Isla Santa Cruz from Guyaquil we boarded a boat for 5 days to visit some of the uninhabited islands. These would be our most luxurious and expensive days in the Galapagos (and on our trip) but we decided to take the plunge based on pre-reading which had suggested that many of the most unique animal species would be difficult to observe on the inhabited islands.

At least you are fed well on one of the most expensive commercial flights in the world (distance considered).

The animal watching starts right away!

Our cabin

Bachas Beach, Isla Santa Cruz

Magnificent Frigate Bird

Stilt Sandpiper

Remains of a WW2 US naval barge

Sea turtle tracks

Galapagos Heron



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