Friday, October 23, 2009

Floreana Island

Post Office Bay

Mailing our post-cards in the barrel. It used to be used by pirates and sailors who would leave letters to be picked up by anyone heading in the right direction, but now it is used by tourists. You look through the barrel for letters addressed to a place you are going, and then you are supposed to hand deliver them.

Floreana is actually one of the inhabited islands, though it is only sparsely inhabited (population about 100). It was one of the first of the Galapagos Islands to be settled. Its natural flora and fauna have been all but wiped out from the introduction of rats, cats, fireants, and other introduced animals and plants. It was also home to a Norwegian fish canning plant built by some of the first settlers just after WW1. In the 1930s a number of German settlers arrived, whose descendants are living there today. There are still birds and other animals here, but we did not notice nearly as many as on the other islands.

Cormorant Point

Yellow-crowned Night Heron

The very green sand

our yacht tour group

Devil's Crown

Some of our best snorkeling was around this reef, where we swam with white-tipped sharks, sea lions, giant puffer fish, and an abundance of other colourful fish. Unfortunately our underwater camera bag had difficulty doing it all justice.

The inside of our yacht

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