Monday, October 26, 2009

Charles Darwin Research Station, Isla Santa Cruz

Our last morning onboard

One of the Giant Saddlebacks for which the islands were named. "Galapagos" means "saddle".

Lonesome George, the very last of his kind and a cautionary tale if there ever was one. Despite over 30 years of attempting to breed him with the most closely related subspecies from other islands George just isn't interested... can you really blame him? If you believe the genetic studies which suggest that humans share approximately 98.5% of genetic material with chimpanzees then it is really no wonder that George does not feel any attraction to his two female pen mates who only share 90% of the same genetic material. Stay tuned though because one of George's pen mates unexpectedly layed some eggs in July and now scientist are eagerly waiting to see if they will prove to be fertile. After 30 years has George decided to put aside social taboos and find his inner mojo?

The babies:

Lava lizard (they are everywhere)

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