Sunday, March 8, 2009

An update from Peru -Come and canoe up the Napo river with us!

Tired of your job, the weather, traffic jams, bureaucracy? Come and join Laura and me in Iquitos, Peru where we are looking into purchasing a 10 metre long dugout canoe with peki-peki engine. We will then travel up the Napo river for the next month or so into Coca, Ecuador stopping at villages along the way. Once in Ecuador we intend to sell the boat and catch a bus to Quito. This plan may have to be altered depending on a number of factors but we just thought we would throw it out there since we hear airfares are quite low at the moment. Here is a photo of our boat´s little sister. Ours will have a tarp roof ;)

We have found a boat and motor. The only thing we are missing is two or three people to share the adventure (and expenses). There is still time but speak soon :)

P.S. Fast internet is harder to come by now so our posts will no longer be as frequent as they have been recently.


OZ1 said...

Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time. What a great experience. We'll follow your adventure with great interest. Travel safe. Love from all of us.

John (OZ1)

Josh said...

Thanks, nice to here from you. We are having an amazing trip and heading your way in the next year or so.

All the best,

Josh and Laura