Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oi Brasil!

Our first visit to Brasil was extremely memorable. From the minute we crossed the border from Santa Elena people were bending over backwards to help us. From Santa Elena we took a night bus through Boa Vista to the large Amazonian city of Manaus. Once in Manaus we met Edison and his family who treated us like gold for what was supposed to be a couple of days but turned into a couple of weeks. We will be eternally grateful for their incredible hospitality.

Our friends Edison, Milton, and Livia strike a pose with the Amazon dancers

Edison and Agatha

Our Brasilian mum

Milena and Sophia


Okonomiyaki (Laura still thinks she is Japanese)


Suco de cupuaçu, pao do queijo, and delicious banana cake made by Señora Mirian

An assortment of delicious Brasilian breakfasts

Tapioca roll filled with fried banana, cheese, and tucuma (Laura's new favourite fruit)

A tribute to Suco do Carambola (starfruit juice)

The neighbour's starfruit tree

The fresh starfruit juice we drank almost everyday in Manaus has spoiled us forever. We suggest you never try it so that you will not know what you are missing.

Just when we started to worry that the daily bolo was going to make us fat...

...we all got (quite) sick from drinking some bad street juice... this is a special drink to make my stomach feel better which was prepared for me by our Brasilian mum, who also gave us some great and much needed haircuts (after we were feeling better).

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