Thursday, January 29, 2009


We arrived in Tulum in the late morning. The hostels in the town were very overpriced but we were told we might be able to get cheaper accommodation on the beach 3 km away. There were no buses to the beach so we started to walk. After about 15 minutes we came across a stand renting bikes. This seemed like a much better option than walking with our backpacks, so we rented two for 24 hours and headed to the beach.

The first accomodation we came across was completely deserted except for a small construction crew. They told us that the huts were currently under construction but we could stay in one for a discounted price. We felt the price was still too much and when they rejected our offer we told them we were going to look around.

After walking down the beach a ways and finding that all the other beach huts were twice as much with little to no vacancy we returned to the first place with our tails between our legs.

Our view

After waiting for the construction workers to fasten a make-shift lock to our door we set off on our bikes to see the Tulum ruins which were about a kilometre down the road. The Tulum ruins are not very big but they are one of the best preserved examples of coastal Mayan architecture. The ruins are situated in front of the beautiful backdrop of the Carribean and are said to have reminded Spanish explorers of coastal Italian cities.

Dozens of lizards enjoyed basking in the sun around the site.

Farewell Mexico

The closest we ever got to Cancun...

Entering Miami

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