Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Goodbye Bolivia, hello Argentina!

Back in Uyuni with our fantastic guide, Lino, at the end of our 4 day Salt Flats and desert tour. (Full review of our tour experience can be found here--you will have to scroll down the page a bit; it is the 4th post, and near the bottom.)

Note how we are keeping with the theme of Uyuni style photos by having a miniature man standing on Josh's head??

We left Uyuni by train at about 2am and arrived exhausted in Villazon at about 8am. We had heard that booking bus tickets to Argentina from the Bolivian side of the border would cost us more, so we trekked a few kilometers from the train station to the border and crossed on foot. Several hours later, we had cleared customs and were on a bus driving through spectacular red mountains and endless fields of Argentine beef.

The colonial city of Salta in Northern Argentina:

...after a year of being called Jorge we finally entered a country of Joshs.

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