Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

In our opinion, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is Colombia's most over-rated attraction. Our expectations were not high from the get go, but it was discount Wednesday, so off we went. The original Cathedal was built in a converted salt mine chamber and opened in 1954. Due to structural concerns, the mine was shut down in 1990 and the current "Cathedral" was opened 5 years later.

This "salt waterfall" has it's own sound and lights show

The rock on top of the cross represents God, or so we were told...

A view of the altar from the back of the church

In this room there is a mirror on the floor which shows a reflection of the ceiling!!

This was a popular photo opportunity spot so we oblidged

At the end of our guided tour we had the option to watch an animated 3D film educating us about the geological processes which led to the Zipaquirá salt deposits.

As Swine flu pandemonium continued to sweep through Colombia, we decided to take preventative measures!

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