Monday, July 13, 2009


After leaving San Agustin we spent two long days travelling to the sleepy mountain village of San Andres, transfering collectivos and rancheros 5 times. Once we arrived we were happy to hang out for 4 days and wander around the tombs of Tierradentro. With the exception of one other traveller who stopped by for a day, we were the only estranjeros in town. While Tierradentro's archaeological remains are arguably not as impressive as San Agustin's, we thoroughly enjoyed them and their beautiful setting.

San Andres's thatched roofed church

View from El Aguacate

Josh investigates a tomb at El Aguacate

El Tablón:

The tombs of Tierradentro are thought to be contemporaneous with those of San Agustin. The sculptures at the two sites share similar characteristics, but the two cultures are thought to be distinct. However, trade networks and shared belief systems are almost certain. Like San Agustin, very little is known about this culture.


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P and P said...

Wow! Gotta love the laid back Colombian style! No barriers to prevent people falling in the tomb and breaking their neck, no signage, no ticket booth, no souvenir shop! Just the amazing reminders of a mysterious civilization. I'm sure you were in your element! Great panoramic video! Best to you both from Bella Coola.