Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nuevo Rocafuerte, Ecuador

Leaving our lancha behind on the 2 hour speedboat crossing from Pantoja, Peru to Nuevo Rocafuerte, Ecuador.

Arrival in the tiny town of Nuevo Rocafuerte, Ecuador

After a week of lancha food this freshly cooked meal was to die for!

Alberto teaching kids how to join the circus with his devils sticks, while we wait outside the police office to see if anyone will show up to stamp us legally into the country.

The immigration police had been out fishing when we arrived, and just as we were giving up hope that they would return, Josh spotted some guys with fish. This officer wanted a photo of himself with his catch.

The immigration office was inside this large police dorm room, complete with a Playstation and a tiny captive monkey. While this was the most relaxed border crossing experience we have had to date, their lack of computers or associated infrastructure with the rest of Ecuador meant 3 hour waits when tried to leave the country 10 days later and again when we tried to re-enter 2 months later.

The police also insisted we get a picture with this snake.

After clearing immigration, there was not much to do in Nuevo Rocafuerte except swim in the river with the kids who were supposed to be down there washing the dishes.

Early the next morning, we embarked on the 15 hour speedboat ride from Nuevo Rocafuerte to Coca:
It was a very full boat.

Unhappy Alberto's cigarette is put out by a wave.

Many games of chess can be played on a 15 hour bum-numbing boat ride.

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