Sunday, May 3, 2009

El Rio Napo - Back on the river

After travelling by boat from Manaus to Iquitos some people would be tired of the river and hesitant to board another lancha for 8 days. Not us though, we thoroughly enjoy the relaxed pace of lancha travel and the trip from Iquitos to Pantoja would turn out to be or most enjoyable lancha experience yet. This was largely because of the interesting cargo, narrow river, and isolated communities.

Fast river, slow boat.

a local orange

pifayo (one of laura's favourites)

In several of the villages where we stopped, many people (especially the women) did not speak any Spanish at all. This indigenous man is from communidad Bellavista and his community speaks the Secoya dialect. The clothing he is wearing is standard attire in his community, though jeans and a t-shirt are more common when conducting business outside of the community.

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