Friday, February 13, 2009

Trinidad, an island of birds

Trinidad has the largest variety of bird species per square kilometre of any country in the world. During our time in Trinidad we visited three bird sanctuaries with many avid bird watchers from around the globe who had come to Trinidad specifically to bird watch.

The Asa Wright Nature Centre
There are over 65 varieties of hummingbirds within the boundaries of the Asa Wright Nature Centre.

upsidedown humming bird

Cacao (Laura's favourite tree)

Point-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust



Baby Caiman

Annato was used by indigenous people as a ceremonial paint as well as a bug repellent.


The Scarlet Ibis, national bird of Trinidad and Tobago

The Wildfowl Trust is located within a Petrotrin oil refinery.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary
The Scarlet Ibises come to roost in this mangrove swamp every evening. We sat in a swamp boat and watched as trees turned from green to pink.

Mangrove trees

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