Sunday, April 4, 2010

What's new, Buenos Aires?

We were able to get a steal on luxury bus tickets from Iguazu to Buenos Aires--cama bus (bed bus) for less than the price of a regular (non-reclining seat) bus. The only catch was that we had to rush back from the Brazilian side of the Falls in order to board the bus at 2 in the afternoon. The price of the ticket included dinner at the bus company's private restaurant, complete with a 3 course meal and servers in tuxedos!

The seats on "camabuses" are wider and recline more than regular bus seats.

Complimentary champagne and cookie (with headphones plugged into the audio for the movie)

Brekky the next morning

Museo de Arte Tigre

Josh cooking steak

Josh with our wonderful host, Anne

Waiting in line for the "Buenos Aires Bus" city tour

Torre Monumental

Josh listening to our audio bus tour

Balcony of La Casa Rosada, where the Perons gave their speeches

Floralis Generica, a giant metal flower sculpture that opens in the day and closes at night

The Botanical Gardens

Buenos Aires has a lot of dog-walkers

The Evita Museum

Evita's tomb

and others in the Recoleta Cemetery

Making Japanese dinner for Anne's family

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