Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Leticia, Colombia

Just incase you were getting too overstimulated from our Carnaval posts we have created this post of the friendly little town of Leticia to mellow you back out.

Leticia is a popular town for Colombians to visit because it is one of the only Colombian towns along the Amazon river. Most people who visit Leticia fly in and then venture out on jungle tours. Within Leticia itself a popular event is to sit in the park at 5:00 pm Leticia time (one hour later than Tabatinga time) and wait for the green parrots. They do not arrive one minute before five each evening but when they do they are very fast (and noisy) which makes them difficult to photograph (think a swarm of giant green bees). We spent most of our time in Leticia eating delicious meals and drinking delicious Amazon juices.

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