Monday, December 1, 2008

Our time in Guanajuato (3 of 3) Our Homestay

Our house

is a catholic house.

We have been eating very well here.

Our room

Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_586


The Animals

Many budgies

The budgie mums

La Morrusa

La Nobe

El Hugo

Not our dog

Not our cat

Not our rooster

This is what happens when you try to hold a carnival in a narrow colonial street. No guard rails here. If you are stupid enough to get in the way of this spinning wheel of fun then that is unfortunate for you.

Guanajuato's annual Globo Aerostatico Festival 2008

We got up three mornings in a row to see the balloons launch. The first morning we got up at 4:45 caught a cab and waited around for hours just to be told that it was too windy. The second day we arrived 15 minutes too late and missed them all, but on the third day it was all worthwhile....



El Pipila at sunrise

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